Welcome to NY Life Coach Solutions

What are some of the many reasons for working
     with a professional life coach...

  • You are feeling overwhelmed and want to be more focused and empowered through non-judgmental support
  • You are at a cross road with a personal issue you want to resolve
  • You want to be more engaged and motivated in everything you do
  • You want a career change but aren’t sure how to move forward
  • You’d like to tap further into your hidden potential to secure a promotion at your current job
  • You want to identify new opportunities and unlock talents in order to make the second half of your life fulfilling and fun
  • You are dealing with a transition and want to let go of the past and accept the reality of the change

For Your Convenience:
Coaching can be provided in person, by phone or through tele-coaching services from anywhere in the world. Giving you the opportunity to be coached in the environment of your choice – home, work or while traveling.